Seeing as there is no way in hell I am going to be able to maintain any typical New Year’s Resolutions, especially scream at kids less, I had to really think long and hard if I

Born To Run?

Even though I swear I started running to take my mind off of the insanity of autism, I can’t help thinking how raising a child like J.R. is JUST like engaging in the damned exercise...

Elfin Magic

Christmas.  Oh joy.  Is it that time of year already?  Time to pray one of the 35,000 toys in the chain store look books catch my kid’s eye?  Time to run out and buy TWO of

Inner Makeup

The other day a friend of mine and I got to talking.  She also has a child with autism, which means there is rarely a time we run out of (mostly gross) things to discuss. 

The Write Stuff

Okay, okay, my Staycation from blogging is officially OVER!  Happy?  Keeping in mind that my gym didn't buy one minute of ANY of my many excuses for my absenteeism this summer, I won't try to

No Guts, No Glory

Even though I hold a master’s degree (in Information Studies no less) you probably know me as the biggest airhead alive, and I’d have to agree!  Not convinced?  I’ll give you an example.  For YEARS

How Far?

  I’ve noticed lately that my favorite expression has become (next to God help me, of course) the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. In order to avoid incriminating myself I won’t go into specific reasons

Get Real

Buy this mug http://www.zazzle.com/the_real_housewives_of_autism_mug-168153171165418235 Am I the only one in America who is wondering how The Oxford English Dictionary, Inc. hasn’t sued The Real Housewives franchise? Real? Ha!  The nerve of them, using that term so

Well (And Aware)

Just how does a “seasoned” autism mom spend her Autism Awareness Month? Glad you asked! For the past few years one of my closest friends of mine and I had pretty much gone into hibernation


Sick cute. One of the perks of J.R.’s autism is his out of whack (as in super-immune) immune system.  For some reason the kid RARELY gets sick.  I honestly think it’s God’s way

The Boogie Men

I am pretty sure I have already mentioned how hard it is for someone like me to raise someone like J.R.  I think I am easy to please (my husband's wallet may strongly object to

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