Heaven Can Wait

  J.R. playing at his heaven on earth, beautiful Dubois Park in Jupiter, Florida Once again my son is on one of his kicks, and little does he know all he needs is

Podcast Sneak Peek

Enjoy this sneak peek of my best collaboration yet! Hurry, it will soon move to www.disorderlyblondes.com for good. 🙂 Before their serendipitous meeting in the school car line hell a decade ago, SoFla

Hang Ten + 4

Good morning from Carlin Park in beautiful Jupiter, Florida Nothing screams ENDLESS summer more than raising a child with autism. All you need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and you're

Great and Full

Normally this pumpkin spiced time of year you'd find me (a) cursing the hashtag #30daysofthanks (who has the time for that crap, seriously?!) and (b) inserting the hashtag #goodtimes with a hearty helping of sarcasm.  I'm happy

High Times

According to Justin Bieber, everybody gets high sometimes. Man I love that kid. When your life is up in the air because you are raising a child with special needs, you sometimes feel like as if

On a Roll

  For the past four years, I've been playing a dice game called Bunco. In its purest form, twelve women form a team and gather monthly to escape the realities of child rearing for the night. Each player takes

Bad Autism Mom

Gluten, sulfites, and casein OH MY! / image via today.com If you haven't seen Bad Moms, please stop reading this and RUN to your nearest theater.  If you have to arrange a sitter (adding a

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