A Frank, Wordy Conversation

It will be almost twenty-five years that I sat for the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition exam.  And cheated.  Now don’t go calling the College Board just yet to narc on me; the entire room cheated.  And unsuccessfully to boot. For those of you not familiar with this exam, it is the culminating activity of

Slow and Steady Finish A Race

On Saturday night I ran in my first 5K...yippie!  You may have read about the super-professional training schedule I employed that allowed me to only NEARLY die a foot from the finish line.  Shame on me for being an English major, but who knew that 5K meant “3.1-something miles”?  Seriously…who can even walk that far without needing

Thanks, But No Thanks

Raising a child with autism is like being shoved on to a roller coaster when you are afraid of heights. FYI, I am PETRIFIED of heights. Raising a child with autism is also a never-ending mind screw.  Just when you think you know what you’re doing, you’re proven dead wrong.  Ask me how many times