Monthly Archives: May 2011

Short (But Willing to) Change

The other day we celebrated my “typical" son’s birthday by taking him to see a Cars 2 exhibit with some friends.   We pulled J.R. out of school so he could come along too.  I figured he’d enjoy the event for about four seconds, but having him home from school meant not having to rush back by 2:30 p.m.

Get Real

Buy this mug Am I the only one in America who is wondering how The Oxford English Dictionary, Inc. hasn’t sued The Real Housewives franchise? Real? Ha!  The nerve of them, using that term so loosely! Don't get me wrong, the Miami edition of Housewives had me hooked. Speaking of the O.E.D, the "real" blonde's butchering of

Well (And Aware)

Just how does a “seasoned” autism mom spend her Autism Awareness Month? Glad you asked! For the past few years one of my closest friends of mine and I had pretty much gone into hibernation for the entire month of April. She too has a son diagnosed with autism, but neither of us felt particularly