Born To Run?

Even though I swear I started running to take my mind off of the insanity of autism, I can’t help thinking how raising a child like J.R. is JUST like engaging in the damned exercise… For starters, my running skills pretty much rival my parenting skills – I SUCK! I’ve known for years that I […]

Slow and Steady Finish A Race

On Saturday night I ran in my first 5K…yippie!  You may have read about the super-professional training schedule I employed that allowed me to only NEARLY die a foot from the finish line.  Shame on me for being an English major, but who knew that 5K meant “3.1-something miles”?  Seriously…who can even walk that far without needing […]

Young Hearts, Run Free (or How NOT to Train for a 5K)

I started running a few weeks ago.  I figured why not try to start moving seeing as my job of parenting J.R. & Jackson requires me to stay in tip-top shape.  Not that NEVER EVER getting to sit down isn’t a workout in itself. Okay let’s be honest.  The only reason why I started running […]