2 10, 2018

Diary of A Lawnmower Autism Mom

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It's happened again. Just when I thought I finally settled on a proper label for my parenting style another is invented, describing me to a T.  Move your barstool over, helicopter mom, I am a lawnmower mom! And let's not forget the scarlet A asterisk, for autism that is. Imagine my horror as I conjure images of Stephen King's The [...]

11 02, 2017

To My Teenage Son Diagnosed With Autism- I H8 U❣️

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My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known too late! -William Shakespeare   Yeah, I said it.  I hate you, son- right now, that is. First (petty) things first: you reek.  Whoever coined the term "blossoming" to describe puberty has not experienced an afternoon with you, sans deodorant. Ugh! Is application all [...]

2 11, 2016

High Times

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According to Justin Bieber, everybody gets high sometimes. Man I love that kid. When your life is up in the air because you are raising a child with special needs, you sometimes feel like as if you're existing on a completely different plane than everyone else. I vaguely remember that term of geometry, yet it so wholly describes a place upon [...]

13 09, 2016

Don’t Stop Believin’

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  image credit http://blog.umbiedentalcare.com/   Over the weekend, J.R. lost a tooth.  The good news? I'm not sure I can report any.  The bad news? Amazon Prime doesn't yet drone packages to my door in an hour's time.  I am screwed. You see, J.R. could not care less about money. I won't mention his nine-year-old cash worshiping brother knows [...]

24 08, 2016

Getting All Emojinal

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  photo credit: themesltd.com If you know me, you're aware that my main news sources consist of Access Hollywood Live, The Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry, and someecards.com.  This way, I'm constantly on the pulse of how the other half lives, dies, and has worse Mondays than me. It's a great escape from the reality of being a bad autism mom.  Another wonderful distraction [...]

17 08, 2016

Bad Autism Mom

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Gluten, sulfites, and casein OH MY! / image via today.com If you haven't seen Bad Moms, please stop reading this and RUN to your nearest theater.  If you have to arrange a sitter (adding a side of guilt), great! You'll relate to the characters' plight even more. This story of three stressed out moms produces one belly laugh after another, so much [...]

18 06, 2016

Autism, The Ultimate Father Challenge

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image via madebyfolks.tumblr.com/   My son J.R. was diagnosed with autism at age three. On that horrific day I came home and collapsed in bed, crying. I cried myself to sleep, woke the next morning, then repeated the process. For three days. I felt as if I were thrust into The Octogon to face an invisible demon, and Dante [...]

16 05, 2016

Jackson 9.0

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    photography by Alison Frank   The last time I sat down to write, I could hear beautiful noises from across the hall. You were in your room, making crashing and exploding sounds to animate a war between Ironman and a Transformer. Starsceam, I think. You spied me tapping at my keyboard, then bounded toward me- all one-hundred pounds of you. I [...]

31 03, 2016

Complete. Fools.

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photo by Alison Frank Photography   It isn't lost on this sign-seeking girl that Autism Awareness Month begins on a day dedicated to pranks. Joke's on me; I get it- I'm the fool. Twenty-four hours later, the punchline to the gut persists as World Autism Awareness DAY commences. Ha! Over the years I've gone from praying for those poor families living [...]