2 04, 2018

Autism Friendships- Where the Green Grass Grows

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When my son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age three, I had a very hard time learning about the prognosis. I perseverated over my two main concerns: the affected’s inability to “get” humor and the difficulties involved in making a friend.  This was not going to work for our affected one.  Meaning me. I could deal, for the [...]

3 10, 2016

On a Roll

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  For the past four years, I've been playing a dice game called Bunco. In its purest form, twelve women form a team and gather monthly to escape the realities of child rearing for the night. Each player takes a turn hosting. This requires the hostess to: clean obsessively for 36 hours straight (then a good 48, post-game), set up tables and chairs (to dance [...]

17 08, 2016

Bad Autism Mom

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Gluten, sulfites, and casein OH MY! / image via today.com If you haven't seen Bad Moms, please stop reading this and RUN to your nearest theater.  If you have to arrange a sitter (adding a side of guilt), great! You'll relate to the characters' plight even more. This story of three stressed out moms produces one belly laugh after another, so much [...]

10 07, 2014

B Day

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Bren and me, livin' la vida loca on Palm Beach I constantly find myself wanting to write about the concept of friendship.  Maybe it’s because I am the most social loner I know, and that the true meaning of friendship has never ceased to intrigue me.  Maybe it’s because I marvel that I have any friends at all.   [...]

12 02, 2014

The 4 Types Of Friends An Autism Mom (Like Me) Needs

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As I helped my younger son prepare Valentine cards for what his public school calls “Friendship Day” (seriously?), I surprisingly zoned out and reflected upon what some of my own friendships meant to me.  You see, I had myself convinced for years that forming any type of meaningful relationship with a “typical” mom was not in the cards for me.  [...]

7 11, 2011

Inner Makeup

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The other day a friend of mine and I got to talking.  She also has a child with autism, which means there is rarely a time we run out of (mostly gross) things to discuss.  Completely in character considering all the fucked up stuff we talk about, she asks “So, let’s say you and I didn’t have kids with autism.  [...]

24 05, 2011

Short (But Willing to) Change

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The other day we celebrated my “typical" son’s birthday by taking him to see a Cars 2 exhibit with some friends.   We pulled J.R. out of school so he could come along too.  I figured he’d enjoy the event for about four seconds, but having him home from school meant not having to rush back by 2:30 p.m. to pick him up.  Great [...]

3 05, 2011

Well (And Aware)

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Just how does a “seasoned” autism mom spend her Autism Awareness Month? Glad you asked! For the past few years one of my closest friends of mine and I had pretty much gone into hibernation for the entire month of April. She too has a son diagnosed with autism, but neither of us felt particularly inclined to participate in any [...]