28 03, 2013

Hide And Seek

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“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, niiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnne, TEN!” I count with my eyes shut tight, for I love this game just as much as my boys do.  Peering from behind a tree I enjoy a momentary silence, then hear a harmonious snicker from behind the bushes.  I can’t help but laugh because in their version of Hide and [...]

5 09, 2012


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Out of all the things I want for my son (other than the ability to choose mommy’s winning Powerball numbers of course), I want him to experience tolerance.   It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he has issues, and even though his distractingly good looks deceive (you’re welcome J.R.), his desire to ask you how many krabby [...]

2 03, 2012


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I’ve written many times about this idea that I am lots like my seven year-old son who has autism.  I think I really get him sometimes (except when he decides to empty the contents of the tub onto the bathroom floor, causing me to start screaming “UGHHHHHHH I JUST DON’T GET YOU!”).  Like J.R., I don’t like change, and I NEED TO [...]

16 02, 2012

Dear Kristi

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photo credit- electricfairground.com Ever wish you could turn back time and and speak to the younger (and less wrinkly) you?  I do.  Every day.  Since I can't do that, I wrote this letter.  Now about getting my hands on a time machine...hmm... Dear Kristi, Listen chica, it’s 2006 and that mousey brown hair color is only accentuating your [...]

1 01, 2012


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Seeing as there is no way in hell I am going to be able to maintain any typical New Year’s Resolutions, especially scream at kids less, I had to really think long and hard if I was to come up with any kind of list.  In the midst of jotting down not completely impossible resolutions such as: quit thinking I can afford anything from [...]

19 12, 2011

Born To Run?

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Even though I swear I started running to take my mind off of the insanity of autism, I can’t help thinking how raising a child like J.R. is JUST like engaging in the damned exercise... For starters, my running skills pretty much rival my parenting skills - I SUCK! I’ve known for years that I can barely walk to the [...]

12 12, 2011

Elfin Magic

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Christmas.  Oh joy.  Is it that time of year already?  Time to pray one of the 35,000 toys in the chain store look books catch my kid’s eye?  Time to run out and buy TWO of everything on my younger, typical son Jackson’s list in case my autistic son happens to fancy (a.k.a. fight him for) any of it?  Oh and [...]

7 11, 2011

Inner Makeup

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The other day a friend of mine and I got to talking.  She also has a child with autism, which means there is rarely a time we run out of (mostly gross) things to discuss.  Completely in character considering all the fucked up stuff we talk about, she asks “So, let’s say you and I didn’t have kids with autism.  [...]

16 09, 2011

The Write Stuff

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Okay, okay, my Staycation from blogging is officially OVER!  Happy?  Keeping in mind that my gym didn't buy one minute of ANY of my many excuses for my absenteeism this summer, I won't try to play ya'll.  Oh and thanks for all of the messages that ranged from "umm, is your website working?" to "umm, is your brain working?" The [...]

7 08, 2011

No Guts, No Glory

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Even though I hold a master’s degree (in Information Studies no less) you probably know me as the biggest airhead alive, and I’d have to agree!  Not convinced?  I’ll give you an example.  For YEARS I thought the Chili’s low calorie menu read GUTLESS CHICKEN when it really reads GUILTLESS CHICKEN.  I’m now convinced my extended brain fart was a Freudian sign [...]