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23 12, 2010

Slow and Steady Finish A Race

2018-10-08T15:54:29+00:00By |Friendship, Running, Write On!|

On Saturday night I ran in my first 5K...yippie!  You may have read about the super-professional training schedule I employed that allowed me to only NEARLY die a foot from the finish line.  Shame on me for being an English major, but who knew that 5K meant “3.1-something miles”?  Seriously…who can even walk that far without needing an ambulance? All kidding aside, [...]

6 12, 2010

The Ghost of Christmas Present(s)

2018-10-08T21:19:48+00:00By |Friendship, Holidays, Parenting, Write On!|

It’s so hard for me to get geeked up about the holidays- this coming from a person who nearly pees her pants at the sight of a new US Weekly.  I get excited about nearly EVERYTHING.  Grocery store BOGOs, the sound of the mail truck, and the anticipation of learning which home will be chosen at the end of House Hunters all have me [...]

29 11, 2010

A Wishbone, A Backbone, & A Funnybone

2018-10-08T15:54:29+00:00By |Holidays, Parenting, Write On!|

bastardized invitation courtesy of evite.com Over the holiday weekend (which I was SURE I would not survive), we received an invite from our good friends the Popritkins for a Thanksgiving leftovers luncheon.  Clever idea, huh?  I hope to make it a tradition, as long as it’s mostly their leftovers of course. I can’t cook to save my life. [...]

21 11, 2010

Young Hearts, Run Free (or How NOT to Train for a 5K)

2018-10-08T15:54:30+00:00By |Running, Write On!|

I started running a few weeks ago.  I figured why not try to start moving seeing as my job of parenting J.R. & Jackson requires me to stay in tip-top shape.  Not that NEVER EVER getting to sit down isn’t a workout in itself. Okay let’s be honest.  The only reason why I started running is that I just learned [...]

18 11, 2010

Thanks, But No Thanks

2018-10-08T15:54:30+00:00By |Friendship, Holidays, Parenting, Write On!|

Raising a child with autism is like being shoved on to a roller coaster when you are afraid of heights. FYI, I am PETRIFIED of heights. Raising a child with autism is also a never-ending mind screw.  Just when you think you know what you’re doing, you’re proven dead wrong.  Ask me how many times a day I put that theory to [...]

8 11, 2010

Picture Imperfect

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a rare pic of my children sharing the same space Trying to be on the ball for once this year, I scheduled a holiday photo session for this past Saturday.  Like most South Floridians who live in total denial that the weather will dip below 85, I waited until Friday morning to come to terms with these facts:  [...]

5 11, 2010

Not Your Average, Average Kid

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Yesterday we received J.R.’s report card.  Basically he earned all C’s (well except that "A" in P.E., duh!).  Average.  Okay give me a minute to breathe that in.  Average. J.R., unlike an average, average six-year old child, has been graded from a very early age.  When we wondered why he couldn’t put two syllables together at two-and-a-half, he was given a [...]