Our Story

OurStory2Hi I’m Kristi, the So Flo girl who’d rather be rollerskating to disco than anything else.  I founded Puzzle Peace Now in 2009 as a non-profit to support families who, like ours, are trying to roll on in the face of autism.

My husband and I are parenting a thirteen-year-old son who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at age three.  We also have been blessed with a neurotypical boy who is now ten, and can typically drive us up a wall.  Calgon take me away!

Where do I stand at this point in our journey?  I certainly have not made “peace” with autism; we will have to agree to disagree.  I do know that I will no longer allow the disorder to make this mom feel angry, sad, blameful, or ashamed. Life is just Too. Damned. Short. 

Puzzle Peace Now’s blog, Write On!  offers a “peace” of my own mind about many things autism. If you prefer, consider it an example of what not to do.  Ha!

In between working hard raising money for local families affected by developmental disorders and raising two wild boys, I am sllooooowwwwly writing our story.  Think Dante’s Inferno, screenplay by Mel Brooks. I swear autism truth is stranger than any fiction, and pray I stay sane long enough to see it published.

Peace and love always,

Kristi ☮