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Our Story

Hi I’m Kristi, just a Jupiter, Florida girl.

I founded Puzzle Peace Now in 2009 as a non-profit to support South Florida families who, like ours, are trying to raise our special kids without sweating to death.

My husband and I are parenting a fourteen-year-old son who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at age three.  We also have been blessed with a neurotypical boy who is now eleven, and can typically drive us up a wall.  Calgon take me away!

Where do I stand at this point in our journey?  I certainly have not made “peace” with autism; we will have to agree to disagree.  I do know that I will no longer allow the disorder to make this mom feel angry, sad, blameful, or ashamed. Life is just Too. Damned. Short.

Read Puzzle Peace Now’s blog, for it offers a “peace” of my own mind about many things autism. It’s helped me realize how incredible my kiddos are, and that I may be doing some things right. If you prefer, consider my tales examples of what NOT to do.  You won’t hurt my feelings! For a double dose of blonde ambition you’ll soon be able to listen to Disorderly Blondes, a podcast my bestie and I are developing.  Laugh with us, laugh at us- we don’t care.  Just laugh!

In between working hard raising money for local families affected by developmental disorders and raising two wild boys, I am sllooooowwwwly thinking about writing our story.  I’m picturing Dante’s Inferno, screenplay by Mel Brooks. I swear autism truth is stranger than any fiction, and pray I stay sane long enough to put pen to paper.

Have something to tell me? Never be afraid to reach out. I’ll either be on a beach, golf course, or at bar.  Can you watch my kids?

Peace and love always,

Kristi ☮